Jumping 134 meters attached to some rubber bands

So in my last post I promised a more in-depth post about my bungy jump. The verdict: if you ever get a chance to bungy DO IT!

 I signed up to the Nevis Bungy, which is a 134-meter jump from this tiny metal box hanging from ropes in the middle of a canyon. Oh, and it’s also the 3rd tallest in the world. Why did I decide I had to do this? I have no idea.


Up until I got into said box, I had not even thought about the jump. I was excited and I had been thinking about this for a while. As soon as we got there though, I started to panic. My hands shook and I definitely cried. And laughed. And cried some more.


IMG_7420 The crew members say that you have to jump as soon as they count you down. However, as my guy guided me to the edge, I thought about how stupid I was to do something and how maybe I should just go back and say I did it because no one would know the difference. He asked if I was ready and I reached back for him but he was too far back. All I heard was “ 3, 2, 1!”

Choosing to jump was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. When you’re little, you are taught not to jump from cliffs. Its just seems like common sense. But as I soared through the air I felt so alive and it was definitely an adrenaline rush. I screamed the entire time. 10 seconds from fear and 2 minutes from pure joy.


As soon as they pulled me back up, I felt on top of the world and that I could accomplish anything. It’s crazy how much of what you do or don’t do is in your head.


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