Living life in COLOUR

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted. Last week was my 5th week of school and this week I have my first midterm. I guess I have to do some studying; it is study abroad after all.

Two weekends ago, I stayed around Sydney and my friend and I went to the Powerhouse Museum. It had just about everything. We were there for 4 hours and we still didn’t see everything. There were a lot of old planes, trains and automobiles. We even saw an old bike with a big front wheel and we were able to ride on it. I can’t imagine being that far off the ground on only 2 wheels!


The weirdest thing at the museum was that kangaroos were just a natural part of illustrations. I’ve seen the water cycle a million times but never with a kangaroo!


Later that night, one of my friends from surf camp came up to Sydney for the weekend and we brought my room back together to hang out. We made burritos and quesadillas. YUM.

Then on Sunday, my study abroad group went to the Color Run. Apparently there were 10 color run events going on all over the world that day and ours was the biggest with 20,000 participants!


I’ve never done the color run before and I highly recommend it to everyone. A group of 4 of us stuck together and jogged the whole thing. At each kilometer, there was a different color of paint.


At the end of the race, there was a huge crowd of people. The announcer would count down and everyone would throw their paint into the air.


It was the most amazing race I’ve ever been to. It was a gorgeous day and I’ve never been happier to be a small part of a huge event.



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