No worries makes me worried


This is where orientation was held at USYD

Last week, we went to USYD (University of Sydney) orientation and we sat in this huge room that looked like a chapel. We were welcomed by the university and even by the student union president. Near the end of the presentation, they brought out a group of three people who performed aboriginal dances. There was a lot of yelling and I was surprised to see a didgeridoo being played on the podium.


Australians have a “no worries” policy. They are not in a hurry to do anything, even when it’s something important. As for the entire enrolment process, I had a pretty terrible time adapting to this mindset. USYD has about 50,000 more students than Butler so you can imagine how big of a difference this is. Instead of having to respond to a few hundred emails, my advisor had to respond to thousands. International students can’t change courses on their own so we all rely on one or two people, which takes a lot of time. I didn’t end up knowing what classes I was going to take until the day before classes officially begun.

Classes here are different from what I’ve experienced at Butler. Each class has a 2-hour lecture and then an hour tutorial where you can ask questions and have a more personalised class.

What am I taking you ask?

  • Marketing Principles
  • Strategic Management
  • Indigenous Australia and Modernity
  • Learning in Outdoor Education

I had my first class today and I can’t thank JoAnn enough. She probably has forgotten all about me by now but I am so grateful for her help today. Obviously a little nervous, I left my apartment early to find my class and when I got there, I picked a seat where no one was sitting and waited for class to start. She came and sat with me and we talked a little before class. She, like many students, lives at home and then takes the train 40 minutes to uni everyday. We are in Indigenous Australia together and she said that most of the information in this is common knowledge to Australians so I’ll probably have to work extra hard but at least I have a familiar face in lecture. After class, she even walked me over to the copy shop to get my reader for the semester. What is a reader you may ask? I’ll let you know when I figure it out but I have one now. It looks something like this:

Photo on 7-28-14 at 2.58 AM #2

Signing off after my first day of school.








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